The Rains of Summer in St Petersburg Florida

Left home around eight yesterday  morning and sure enough, the rain starts early. This time I had the foresight of taking my umbrella so I did not get soaked. Stopped for breakfast at the Busy Bee restaurant, a new stop for me. I was oblivious to the downpour that went through as I was inside enjoying a ham omelet with home fries plus toast with jelly. Reloaded cups of coffee always go with breakfast, with a bit of cream stirred in.

Continued north on another bus on the way to Downtown Clearwater. After nearly a hour I get there, walk over to the public library and discover they won’t open until noon, so idle for half an hour. Not raining then, so enjoyed a walk down to Coachman Park on the shore. The library opens and up to the third floor computer room. There’s a panoramic view of Clearwater Beach and the surrounding bay, something I never tire of. Four hours later the journey back home as dark overcast envelops the coast.