The Hangar Restaurant

Last week I decided to try a new restaurant in the Tampa Bay area, as I enjoy doing from time to time. The Hangar Restaurant at the old Albert Whitted Airport in Downtown St Petersburg Florida has been around for four years now, so it was long overdue that I paid a visit. It’s on the second floor of the airport administration building, open all day for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Got there at mid-morning, so only two tables occupied. A sign said we will be right with you when you get to the second floor, then I noticed people just came in and grabbed any table they wanted. I sat by the panoramic glass window overlooking the flight line, but there is an open balcony beyond that for those desiring outdoor dining.

One wall is covered with photos describing the history of National Airlines, which was born at this airport in the 1930s and merged with Pan Am in the 80’s. There is a small home-built airplane hanging from the ceiling and the tail section of a small Cessna in a corner of the ceiling. The menu has aviation-themed names on all items. Two large pancakes for six bucks, then rises from there.  The dinner for two plus chopper ride for over a hundred is the top offer. A unique place where the cheerful kind waitress calls you hon when reloading you cup. A separate bar also available. A big thumbs-up.