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Best Miami Hotel at 5959 SW 71st Street Miami FL

European-style hotel here, I believe it’s owned by a Spanish company. Generous free breakfast from seven to nine. Two blocks to South Miami public library. Two blocks from South Miami Metrorail/Metrobus station on US1. Across US1 is the Sunset Plaza mall plus assorted shops and restaurants along Sunset Drive.

Remember to add $8 a day for parking plus $2 a day for a safe plus room rate. Piano in lobby plus ornate glass elevator with view of courtyard. Friendly Hispanic staff. Hotel entry on 71st Street and garage entry on 70th Street. Must grab phone at garage entrance, hotel desk will answer and then open gate.

The Dawn Jog

GE DIGITAL CAMERAToday I was lucky enough to time things just right. Get up at 630 while still dark, went online for a few minutes then washed my face and shaved.

Was out the door just before seven, in the dawn of the early light still in the stillness of the morning. Now that darkness is beginning to last longer, we need to enjoy this coolness.

Started jogging along the lake that borders my building. I’m a bit out of practice so I jog for maybe a block, then walk another block or so and back to jogging. About 12 blocks around the lake, watching the ducks and assorted birds that live there. Morning delight.

Bald Eagle Overhead

One winter day a few years ago, I was staring out over the lake behind my second-floor studio in St Petersburg Florida, which I often do on sunny afternoons. The reflection shimmering from the lake was uplifting.

I took this as an omen of a satisfying Christmas family reunion in a few days. Lots of birds live on this urban lake, many ducks, seagulls and egrets, plus others that drop in. A few minutes later I hear a loud commotion among the ducks, an alarm I’m familiar with. What could be bothering them?

As I get to the window, a big fast and mighty bird is making a low pass over the lake. Our national symbol soars over my building like a jet. Dreaming of having a tasty duck for dinner, no doubt it was taking a close look at the situation while formulating a plan of attack. I lingered awhile hoping this Bald Eagle would return, but no luck. I wished him and his kin a happy new year.