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Ruby Tuesday at Tyrone Square Mall

Had lunch here yesterday after staying away for years. The place has changed a lot, completely remodeled interior. Prices are above my budget, yet I enjoyed the excellent service.

Their salad bar is $9.95 on it’s own, or 3.95 when combined with an entree. Ordered the small chicken fingers with fries for 8.95 and added the salad bar. Way too much for the chicken and fries, in hindsight should have gone for the unlimited salad bar.

Gracious waitress asked if all was well at least twice and refilled my glass, gets a medal for excellent service. She brings the bill inside a folder, pay anytime no hurry.

I ask for a leftovers container, she brings it quickly.

This is another restaurant chain in trouble, must be the prices not the service or decor.

Planet Fitness in Tyrone Area St Petersburg Florida

Was here to inquire about membership a month ago, but yesterday I finally spent 10 bucks as a guest plus bought a lock and checked out the place. Quite impressive with plenty of machines. Bottles of refreshments available. There is one room titled ABS and another titled Stretching, several machines on each.

Had not been to a gym in years yet remembered most of the equipment, although they have instruction stickers. Neat feature on treadmills and step-climbers is individual screens with remotes, so watch what you like while working out. Spotless interior as well as bathroom/shower area. Plenty of lockers for the few people there on this early weekday morning, but they may get crowded on weekends.

Finally figured out the Silver Sneakers deal through my Humana plan, I had to go online and print a copy of my Silver Sneakers membership card so I can get a workout here for free. Welcome generous benefit for seniors to stay in shape.

The Pinellas Trail in St Petersburg Florida

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This is along the Pinellas Trail, the long bike, walk, run and jogging path that runs over thirty miles within the county. This spot is just northwest of the Tyrone Square Mall. Probably the best use of our money by the county government. It reaches Tarpon Springs on the north end from St Petersburg on… More »