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Buenaventura Lakes Library 405 Buenaventura Blvd Kissimmee FL


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This is a quiet suburban library on the east side of Kissimmee. It’s not very big, but has several computers available. Parking lot is adequate and staff was helpful giving me a guest pass.

The library entrance is not well marked, so it’s easy to keep driving along without spotting.

There is no public transportation along the Buenaventura Library that I am aware of

Thorntons Gas & Service Stations 1351 34th St N Saint Petersburg, FL 33713

Gassed up here this morning for the first time. New offering along the 34th Street corridor in what was the Tampa Bay Times parking lot.

Lowest gas price in town. Simple yet elegant storefront, and plenty of food options inside. Cleanest rest room in town probably. Had never seen this oil company before, but it all looks A-OK. The St Petersburg construction boom continues

Warbird Air Museum and Adventure at Kissimmee Gateway Airport

Enjoyed a visit to Warbird Air Museum It’s at Kissimmee Gateway Airport. Their hangar is so packed with aircraft, their engines plus assorted exhibits that you have to squeeze between wing-tips to get around.

Excellent detailed Pearl Harbor exhibit, including photos taken by Japanese pilots. Two large rectangular glass-top cases housing small models of WWII aircraft.

Real aircraft include two Polish Iskra jet trainers, a dissassembled Russian MIG-17, An excellent restored P-40 Warhawk of Flying Tigers fame. Partially assembled F-4U Corsair USNavy WWII fighter. Outside is a French Fouga jet trainer plus their biggest, a Grumman S-2 Tracker, a twin-prop USNavy recon plane from the 60s. List not complete.

Pilot uniforms and aircraft instruments also on display.

T-6 WWII trainers available for those seeking the flying warbird experience, one was partially disassembled within the hangar, another one ready to fly outside and another was flying overhead.

Take US 192 ( Irlo Bronson Parkway ) to Hoagland and go south. Enjoyed my visit.