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Earl of Sandwich at 5004 4th Street North in St Petersburg FL

First time visit for lunch today about noon. Friendly welcoming cashier waited patiently as I perused wall menu. Chose Italian, one of their least expensive offerings, he asked if I wanted the combo with chips and drink and I agreed. He gave me their buzzer and I waited a few minutes even as there was nobody ahead of me.

After over 5 minutes went to get my drink as I waited for the buzzer, then returned to my table. Walked back to pick-up station as the sandwich maker was wrapping my order, all interesting.

Small tasty offering dripping vinegar I guess, had a bit of tomato and lettuce in there. Long chips rack in front of cash register, kettle-cooked potato chips bag about one and a third ounce with medium drink rounded out the combo.

Wood-paneled floor and wood tables give an upscale feel, dark metal chairs complement. Wood paneling along part of a wall, which continues with a large drawing of a vintage Earl, whimsical.

Large dining area with plenty of seating in front and to side of cash register. The entire concept looks like a deluxe super-sized Subway with upscale ambiance and pricing and downsized sandwiches. Music was playing, pleasant place to linger while reading or on your tablet.

That combo came to just over nine bucks including tax.


Wendy’s 4480 Park Street St Petersburg FL

Here yesterday afternoon, this location was built about two years ago so still looks new. Fast friendly service a few seconds after walking in. Always enjoy their tasty inexpensive menu.

No TV here. Long central self-service refreshment and condiment station facing counter, seating behind it along the windows. Another dining area facing north, separated by wall from counter.

Small parking lot shared by Starbucks hard to get into-out of, then can only leave southbound on Park Street


Applebee’s 4000 Park Blvd Pinellas Park FL

I confess that I had never been to an Applebee’s before. Few people as I walked in just before two. Gracious friendly greeter and waitress, plus my favorite vintage soft rock music a big plus.

For so long I thought they were mainly a bar, they are but they have a good menu. Their two item lunch special is pretty good, ordered the honey pepper chicken tenders with fries plus a steak and black bean soup.

Ok, lowest price on the menu and you get what you pay for. Only three chicken tenders, a bit skimpy. Where are the black beans in this soup, not seen on the surface? Yes a few black beans on a spicy soup with tiny meat particles on a small bowl.

Huge lemonade glass with ice. Not turned on by this small electronic game screen on every table, apparently to entertain yourself while waiting. They have a burger special after 4PM that would go well with beer. A few cents over ten including tax, might drop in again and try another item.

About six overhead TV screens surrounding the huge central bar area. Dining area borders windows.