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Manatee the Sea Cow at St Pete Beach Florida

Last week I hopped on bus #7 to the Main post office in St Petersburg Florida, a block away from the Grand Central Bus Depot. After mailing a package,  returned to the bus depot for the Central AveGE DIGITAL CAMERAnue Trolley.

Stopped at Starbucks on 66th and Central for a small decaf on the way to the beach, then continued to Pass-A-Grille at the south end of St Pete Beach.

Walked along the shore to the fishing pier, where a manatee was roaming around. It’s a delight to see this chubby sea mammal swim around leisurely and poke it’s nose out now and then. Letting mother nature entertain you is a joy.

The Comfort Cafe in South Pasadena

I recently walked into another breakfast spot in the Tampa Bay area that had been passing by for a long time. The Comfort Cafe is at the end of Pasadena Avenue, just before the draw bridge to St Pete Beach. When I open the door, a guy who is either the owner or manager tells me good morning, then the friendly gracious waitress tells me to sit anywhere.

What would you like to drink? Coffee please. Their simple menu has only one omelet, so I chose blueberry pancakes. Twin huge pancakes arrive in a few minutes, which filled me for hours.

Beach Library Day

Headed out past 830 this morning, already humid and steaming. Walked four blocks along the lake to Ninth Avenue, where I had to wait for the Number Seven. Finally showed up and took me to the Grand Central Bus Depot, where I transfer to the Beach Bus. It’s actually a bright yellow bus that looks like a trolley. Kind of silly when you think about it.

Get to the beach around 930, too early for the St Pete Beach Library. Stopped at Mickie D for a small decaf and breakfast burrito, which are actually tasty. Enjoy sitting and relaxing at Mickie D while sipping a cup. It’s after 10, time to walk to the library often crowded with older beach residents, an enjoyable place.

It’s afternoon when i leave. Too hot for a beach walk, so stop at the Treasure Island Publix for a snack. Head north to the Madeira Beach library and stay there until about 430. When I leave there the heat has abated a bit, helped by off-and-on overcast.

Too early to go home, so head down to Pass-A-Grille for a long walk along the shore. Actually about nine short blocks after sitting around the fishing pier at the south end. When I get to the Paradise Grill at 9th Avenue, a bus sits there. Perfect timing to be heading home. A good day it was.