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Skyway Jack’s 2795 34th St S Saint Petersburg, FL 33711

Came in before six a few mornings ago after a long absence. Two friendly pleasant hostesses serving a busy place, one of them says sit anywhere you want. Another shows up immediately with a menu and asks what to drink, coffee please.

She mentions that they are getting up in the world with their ordering tablets, they definitely are. Ordered my usual ham omelet and home fries, which appeared in less than five minutes with a huge helping of potatoes. Coffee cup reloaded at least twice.

This staple of South St Pete has been packing them in for decades, and I’m not surprised why. Opens at 5 AM.

Subway at NW 36 St Miami Springs FL

Stepped in last week for lunch, decided on the Sub of The Day $5 special. This is a great deal no matter what sub they feature any day. That black forest ham on oatmeal bread with lettuce tomato pickles mayo and olives topped with vinegar is heaven.

Having a TV to watch during your meal a big plus. Two pleasant friendly ladies out front put it all together fast. Airport workers are lucky to have this place right across the street. It’s right on the corner on hyper-busy NW 36 St. No curb parking, not sure if parking in rear.

Steak and Shake 10555 Ulmerton Largo FL

Came in on an early morning last week, pleasant friendly service in a clean quiet dining room. This is consistent will all their locations I’ve been to.

Ordered the three silver-dollar pancakes for a buck and a half plus three of their dollar breakfast tacos. Coffee mug reloaded three times at least. Their retro interior and golden oldies music is always welcome.

Unfortunately they are now starting breakfast at six, so it’s the dinner menu before then.