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Skyway Diner 4000 34th Street South in St Petersburg FL

Excellent service here as I enjoyed breakfast this morning. Was welcomed as I walked in and told to sit anywhere, She follows me to my table with menu and asks what to drink. Just water, thank you. Another gracious lady asks if I needed a minute? I’ll have a ham omelet – home fries or grits?, wheat, white or rye?. Home fries and rye toast is my usual.

My order appeared in less than five minutes, can’t beat that. Large interior in what seems to be a former Denny’s or another chain. Hanging flower baskets a neat touch. Few diners on this mid-week morning as I quietly enjoyed my breakfast.

Glad I finally stopped here after passing by many times, will be back.

Bob Evans Restaurant 7550 US Hwy 19 N Saint Petersburg, FL 33701

Breakfast this morning, immediately welcomed and seated by pleasant staff. Waitress appeared in seconds, asking what to drink. Lemonade please, I was undecided so she asked if I needed more time, OK.

About two minutes later she re-appears and I ordered the Classic Breakfast. Pair of hotcakes and pair of eggs plus pair of sausage patties for $6.79 seems high compared to Denny’s plus 2.39 for glass of lemonade served in clear glass jar is definitely high.

The only reason for four stars is their prices, otherwise can’t recommend enough. She asked me twice how I was doing, plus asked if I wanted more lemonade as I was getting ready to leave. No more lemonade thanks, I’m done. Exceptional service here

Skyway Jack’s 2795 34th St S Saint Petersburg, FL 33711

Came in before six a few mornings ago after a long absence. Two friendly pleasant hostesses serving a busy place, one of them says sit anywhere you want. Another shows up immediately with a menu and asks what to drink, coffee please.

She mentions that they are getting up in the world with their ordering tablets, they definitely are. Ordered my usual ham omelet and home fries, which appeared in less than five minutes with a huge helping of potatoes. Coffee cup reloaded at least twice.

This staple of South St Pete has been packing them in for decades, and I’m not surprised why. Opens at 5 AM.