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Waiting for the Bus in St Petersburg Florida

Since I had bought a day pass, I felt the need to use it in the late afternoon. This may not have been one of my wisest decisions, since the buses here in St Petersburg Florida stop running before 8PM. Went down to Gulfport Beach, my old hometown where I lived for about three years. I was just wearing a shirt and neglected to bring an umbrella. When I got there the dark clouds were gathering on the horizon, plus most eateries were closed. The only ones open were the Neptune Grill and the Beach Haus, both of which are primarily beach bars.

Grabbed a Coca Cola can from a vending machine and sat at the uncrowded beach as I’ve done many times before. A lot of sailboats moored out there in the low tide, bobbing about in light waves. When I got tired of sitting, walked along the beach down to O’Maddy’s and Salty’s waterfront bars. They were crowded as usual as I went to the end of the fishing pier. Only two people there casting their lines. Stood there enjoying the salty air and examining the sailing fleet. At least one dis-masted sailboat as usual, abandoned or neglected or both.

Darker and closer came the squall line when I came to the bus stop, their number tells me it’s ten minutes away. Sure enough the downpour begins as soon as I step aboard. Had to transfer in Downtown St Pete but the other bus was right there so not soaked. Wait another 20 minutes at Grand Central bus depot as rain tapered off, and was gone when I get off near home. Getting soaked waiting for a bus is no fun.