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Wendy’s 13750 N Cleveland Ave North Fort Myers, FL 33903

First time here on this pleasant Friday afternoon. Quite crowded so had to stand in line a while. Tried their new Cod sandwich, Catholics should always eat fish on Friday. Large buns conceal tartar sauce and generous lettuce around this small fried cod patty that hardly tasted like fish. At four bucks with tax a bit disappointed.

This must be a favorite snowbird and senior spot as most diners were older than me, glad they are here. Had just run out of napkins when getting my drink, the lunch rush. It’s in front of shopping center just north of the US 41 bridge from Downtown Fort Myers.

Steak ‘n Shake 8950 Colonial Center Dr Fort Myers, FL 33905 Your review

Dropped in for breakfast just before Christmas, it was early morning so few people there. I was immediately greeted and seated, then ordered their silver dollar pancakes and hash browns.

In a few minutes get three pancakes much larger than silver dollars, plus a few round hash browns. Opted for lemonade this time.

So glad this chain is around, enjoy their retro-diner decor and ambiance.