Imagining La Florida

At the St Petersburg Florida Museum of History, there is an exhibit named “Imagining La Florida” This exhibit will be on display until March 1, 2015. This details the various immigrant groups that came to St Augustine after it was founded by the Spaniards in the late 1500s. St Augustine is America’s oldest city, which… Continue reading Imagining La Florida

Downtown St Petersburg Florida Building Boom

[wpedon id=”7897″ align=”left”]The building boom in Downtown St Petersburg Florida continues. The new Galaxy Hotel is going up, plus the Florida Craftsman Museum, a place called Osprey and another called the Hermitage. I’m assuming the last two are either condos or apartments. The decision was finally made on our famous Pier, which sticks out into… Continue reading Downtown St Petersburg Florida Building Boom

Tyrone Restaurant in St Petersburg,FL

Dropped in recently about lunchtime, nearly half full. The counter is directly in front of you as you walk in. A waitress-cashier was talking to a customer seated along the counter, but told me to sit anywhere. Picked one of the three tables to the left of the counter, she quickly comes over and asks… Continue reading Tyrone Restaurant in St Petersburg,FL