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Panda Buffett at 3901 Manatee Avenue West in Bradenton Florida

Panda Buffet is easy to miss in a strip mall corner by Publix. Pleasant friendly service always whenever I go. Their baked fish is my favorite, topped with fried rice. There are plenty of hot food selections, so it’s easy to eat too much if you don’t control yourself.

Workers here do a good job of keeping tables and floor clean, they are always hustling to get things done, surely appreciated. The egg drop soup is always tasty.


Fish for Lunch

When it was time to prepare lunch yesterday, I decided to pop two sweet potatoes into the microwave for six minutes.

After the sweet potatoes were cooked, took a Whiting fillet from the bag of eight I had in the freezer.

This Whiting fillet comes sealed inside a plastic pouch, which I let heat in the microwave for about a minute. Hot in just one minute.

After peeling and slicing potatoes, took the whiting out of it’s packet and placed it together with the potatoes. Another minute in microwave and serve.

Pour some seasoning and olive oil, enjoy. Tasty and healthy too.