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Zaxby’s in Ocala

Had lunch at Zaxby’s on 2100 Silver Springs Boulevard in Ocala. First time at a Zaxby’s, this is supposed to be an up-and-coming chain. Have not seen Zaxby’s in St Petersburg yet. Their menu is chicken sandwich combos and chicken salads, so they are not competing with KFC directly. This menu is closer to Chick=fil-a  it seems.

Country music playing, lots of wood tables and chairs for that country feeling. Vintage signs adorn the walls. A senior citizen discount and free drink refills, I’ll drink to that. Came in after two, so the lunch crowd was over and almost empty. A few more customers came in while I was watching one of two TV’s.

Wendy’s 13750 N Cleveland Ave North Fort Myers, FL 33903

First time here on this pleasant Friday afternoon. Quite crowded so had to stand in line a while. Tried their new Cod sandwich, Catholics should always eat fish on Friday. Large buns conceal tartar sauce and generous lettuce around this small fried cod patty that hardly tasted like fish. At four bucks with tax a bit disappointed.

This must be a favorite snowbird and senior spot as most diners were older than me, glad they are here. Had just run out of napkins when getting my drink, the lunch rush. It’s in front of shopping center just north of the US 41 bridge from Downtown Fort Myers.

Rocky Bluff Library US 301 in Ellenton

Unique building looks like a castle surrounded by ponds. Pleasant helpful lady takes me to computers on back wall, which has long line of framed drawings.

At the entrance there’s a vestibule with couch and easy chair surrounded by historic documents and photos.

About a mile east of I-75 on US 301. The Ellenton Cafe is across the street