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Downtown St Petersburg Florida Building Boom

The building boom in Downtown St Petersburg Florida continues. The new Galaxy Hotel is going up, plus the Florida Craftsman Museum, a place called Osprey and another called the Hermitage. I’m assuming the last two are either condos or apartments.

GE DIGITAL CAMERAThe decision was finally made on our famous Pier, which sticks out into Tampa Bay and is our most prominent landmark. The Pier was demolished and they are still trying to decide exactly how much to spend and start over with a similar  place.

Our Brand Is Crisis – Movie Review

Went to see the new Sandra Bullock movie ” Our Brand Is Crisis” at the Muvico Theater in Downtown St Petersburg Florida. Quite an interesting story as she is drawn into a political campaign in faraway Bolivia, where she must develop a winning campaign for a former president plotting a comeback. Mostly Hispanic actors in this story filmed in Puerto Rico and Bolivia.

Billy Bob Thornton gives a good performance as her rival who undercuts, betrays and back-stabs her so another candidate will win. Perhaps inspired by our own presidential election, it’s a fun escape to a foreign country for a lot less than the real thing.¬†www.ourbrandiscrisismovie.com