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Miami Springs Inn 1 stars 661 East Drive, Miami Springs, Miami, FL 33166


Got two beds when I only needed one, maybe nothing else available. No lamp and nowhere to sit except beds. Uneven wood floor. No maid service although not needed for only two days, that might be their policy.

눇Small fridge and microwave? Pleasant surprise here. Spacious bathroom and shower. Two towels provided. Huge television. Little ice bucket and four plastic glasses.

Spirit Airlines

Departed Tampa on December 22 for Christmas vacation, returned December 27th. Every seat taken on departure, almost full returning. Detailed fees list on their website, so don’t understand many negative reviews. Departing flight began boarding 45 minutes prior, left on time and arrived early. Returning flight over an hour late while waiting for crew.

Round trip total $99 without extra fees, unbeatable. Here’s how those extra fees can be easily avoided:

Avoid their ticket counter by reserving flight online, then confirming online 24 hours or less prior and printing your boarding pass either at home, the public library, or their airport boarding pass printer. When prompted for seat assignment choose random, I got an aisle seat departing and a middle seat returning.

Grab that old backpack and stuff it, mine fit easily under the seat. Yes, airborne backpacking is easy on a short vacation, or buy whatever you need upon arrival.

Decline their expensive food and drink menu, plus endure their annoying credit card sales pitch. No problem with their high-density seating at 5 foot 6, but taller folks may feel squeezed.

Miami Metrorail

The Metrorail began in the mid-80s, wonder if  those original rail cars still going. Quite convenient and usually not a long wait even at night. There are security guards at every station. Bus routes connect at every stop, and people can bring their bike into the train. Long stairway up to platform if no escalator.

Very quick stops so must monitor upcoming stops and be ready to bail, easy for newbies to miss their stop. The day pass covers Metrorail and Metrobus routes. Poor PA system not understandable, keep track by watching list of stops above doors.

The most recent north expansion years ago was into West Hialeah or Medley, not sure which. The new airport connection from Earlington Heights to the new Airport Metrorail/Metrobus station began about a year ago. The southern Downtown-to-Dadeland Mall route has never been extended into the populous south side. It could easily be continued south along USOne, so don’t get that.