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Park Street Diner in St Petersburg Florida Tyrone Area

Another unassuming gem that I passed by for years, but yesterday as I was walking toward a packed Steak and Shake across the street I had second thoughts. Walked back to the Pinellas Trail pedestrian bridge, crossed and went in. Although the square footage is about the same as a big house, the place will grow on you with gracious hospitality.

Friendly waitress tells me to sit at any empty spot, so landed at rear table with panoramic view of Park Street. Menus already at the table along with all condiments, great time saver. What would you like to drink, coffee please. A huge cup appears in seconds. Do you need a minute? Yes please. Never been so let’s observe the menu.

Opted for the fish plate at $6.95, three breaded fish fillets and tartar sauce plus plenty of fries, cole slaw and two garlic bread slices. Kept me full for several hours. One refill on that huge cup was plenty coffee.

Not packed when I arrived early afternoon but coming and going steady. Split wood ceiling for that country barn look. Seats along counter plus tables in center and along windows. Subdued ornaments along wall shelf.  Two small TVs useless from rear tables. Outdoor seating.

My waitress asked four times if I all was well, a new record for outstanding customer service.  Will return for breakfast soon.


Denny’s on US 19 North in St Petersburg FL

Showed up around 11 for brunch, few people there. Walked in and stood in front of empty counter waiting to be greeted, as moments turned to over a minute a guy walking out said they were all on break as he smiled past. Just then a reserved waitress appears and leads me to a booth with a panoramic street view facing west, then hands me two menus.

Seconds later a friendly waitress with a charming accent named Rachel appears, tells me what they have to drink. Coffee, please, which was reloaded twice. When she reappears about two minutes later I ask for the senior menu I had seen at another Denny’s, she points out it’s on the last page, silly me.

Ordered the breakfast with eggs and cheese, which includes two scrambled eggs with cheese plus four sausage links and two gigantic pancakes. This combo appeared about five minutes later and kept me stuffed for hours. She twice more came by asking if everything was all right, I’m giving her an A+ on customer service.

Restroom was clean and well-stocked. Sadly that panoramic street view was marred by dirty and fingerprinted glass inside and out, somebody PLEASE clean it. This was the low point on an otherwise pleasant visit.