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Freedom Library at 5870 SW 95th Street Ocala Florida

First time today at this South Ocala library in the middle of rolling horse country. It’s a bit difficult to find and there is no commerce out here whatsoever. If you need anything you have to drive a few miles north to State Road 200.

It’s a small library compared to the main one on Silver Springs Boulevard, but it’s a neat place to relax and look at the beautiful scenery through their glass wall. There’s only two tables where you can plug in your laptop, but four others if you are on battery power.

Denny’s at 57 Silver Springs Boulevard in Ocala

This Denny’s is within a hotel so was a bit confused as to which door it was. Finally noticed a small sign over a door. As usual at any Denny’s I received a warm and friendly greeting.

Their Everyday Slam is really breakfast even if they serve it all day, a terrific value for four dollars. You get eggs done your way plus your choice of either bacon or sausage with the Everyday Slam, plus two big pancakes that fill you well.

Zaxby’s in Ocala

Had lunch at Zaxby’s on 2100 Silver Springs Boulevard in Ocala. First time at a Zaxby’s, this is supposed to be an up-and-coming chain. Have not seen Zaxby’s in St Petersburg yet. Their menu is chicken sandwich combos and chicken salads, so they are not competing with KFC directly. This menu is closer to Chick=fil-a ┬áit seems.

Country music playing, lots of wood tables and chairs for that country feeling. Vintage signs adorn the walls. A senior citizen discount and free drink refills, I’ll drink to that. Came in after two, so the lunch crowd was over and almost empty. A few more customers came in while I was watching one of two TV’s.