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Downtown Miami Florida Bayfront Park Megayacht

GE DIGITAL CAMERAThe Downtown Miami’s Bayfront Park shore looking south to Brickell Key.

The Megayacht was sitting on the dock behind the Intercontinental Hotel as it had been for a long time. It was being advertised as available for meetings, parties, dinners, or any social event.

It has now departed for parts unknown.

Leamington Hotel at 307 NE First Street in Downtown Miami, Florida

Surprised by some reviews of the Leamington Hotel, what the hell did you expect? If you want luxury, pay for it. This is an old building in the middle of OLD Downtown Miami, recently the old human-powered elevator with a state-of-the-art elevator. Having to pay for parking is a shock? DUH! There is no need for a car here, public transit is everywhere. The free MetroMover rushes by the hotel every few minutes, and stops a block away. The free trolley stops at Bayfront Park a block away, which takes you all the way north to Midtown and the Design District. The free trolley system takes you several miles, this is a generous city.

Back to the Leamington Hotel, where I have stayed more than once. I have reserved through Hotels.com sometimes months earlier, no problem checking in. The large lobby has three tables with chairs plus three sofas where guests can enjoy the complementary breakfast. It’s usually coffee, toast with butter and jelly, and chunks of banana nut bread or similar. Guests can watch the large TV screen and relax.. A beautiful Christmas tree plus wall Christmas decorations is a welcoming sight during holiday season.

Shops and restaurants everywhere here, plus a 24 hour Hispanic cafe across the street and 7-11 at the corner. Get up early for the sunrise at Bayfront Park, then stroll north to Miamarina and the Bayside Shops. Tourists and locals walking around all night, yes there are a few sketchy characters.

Had a large room to myself at the fourth floor corner at the Leamington Hotel, with street views up to two blocks. Everything has worked fine, carpet looks fresh. Yes there is chipped and blistered paint plus misaligned tiles in spots, which don’t affect your livability. Great hot shower in tub. The stairway is the fire escape, and be patient waiting for the elevator if staying on upper floors.

The staff was quite pleasant, and housekeeping did my room even on Christmas day, quite impressed. The maid leaves an envelope on your room’s desk with her name, thanking you and letting you leave her a tip if you wish. When checking out, the kind Hispanic lady tells me ‘Thank you for staying with us, it was a pleasure to serve you’ We need more like her.

Gilchrist Park in Punta Gorda FL

Long park along the Peace River where it flows into Charlotte Harbor. Angled just right for those beautiful Florida sunsets.

Features include tennis court and fishing pier, several benches to rest in, a gazebo by the shore where musicians perform. Covered picnic area by restrooms a great idea. Seems to be the town gathering place, pleasant people who say hello as they pass you.

Impressive Ponce de Leon monument, he supposedly anchored along here in 1513 and met hostile Calusa tribe.