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A is for Arthur

The Florida storm season has officially begun. The first tropical storm of 2014 has been named Arthur, and a tropical storm warning has just been declared for the Northern Florida Atlantic Coast up to Flagler Beach. They are predicting no storm damage in Florida, but they say that it could grow into a Category One hurricane on it’s way north along the Atlantic Coast. The North Carolina Outer Banks as usual, are on the projected path of Arthur.

Makes me think of the movie Arthur, which starred Liza Minelli and that goofy British comic whose name escapes me now. The movie theme song was sung by Christopher Cross. It went something like this: When you’re between the moon and New York City, I know it’s crazy but it’s true, when you’re between the moon and New York City, the best that you can do, the best that you can do, is fall in love

Update- Arthur is moving away from Florida as it heads north to the Carolinas.

Arthur Moving Away

The early morning weather report here in Florida is station that tropical storm Arthur is moving away from the state. It’s about 95 miles roughly east of Cape Canaveral with winds of about 50 miles an hour. Although it may have a minimal effect on Florida, it may be quite different farther north. Hilton Head Island in South Carolina may be walloped by hurricane force winds if Arthur does become a Category One hurricane. Farther north is Myrtle Beach, the most popular resort town in the Carolinas.

As usual, the Outer Banks of North Carolina will be in harm’s way. Sticking out into the Atlantic, they are quite often beaten up by any Atlantic Hurricane. Hope the Independence Day weekend is not affected by Arthur, but looks like some people will get hit.