Skidders on Gulf Boulevard, St Pete Beach

For years I passed by thinking Skidders was too fancy for me. Pleasant surprise, as the breakfast menu is reasonable for such a popular beach restaurant. Ordered the short stack of pancakes and pineapple juice. Short stack is only two pancakes but they have syrup, butter and fruit jelly containers on every table, so load them however you want.

Wine rack one one side behind dining floor, which has a tasteful partition between center section and booths along the wall. Waiting benches on either side of front door.

Among the most gracious friendly service I’ve ever found, along with beautiful Old Florida decor. Indoor and outdoor seating. Few people here on a late Monday morning, must have missed the early rush. Plush seats and with a row for single diners, what’s not to like.

Skidders has been satisfying the beach crowd for several years and I’m not surprised.