Publix Here I Come

The cupboard and the refrigerator are getting sparse. Yes I do have a few things, but some essentials go fast and they need to be replenished. I’m a tuna addict and I’m down to one individual serving packet of tuna, so time to load up on that. No juice whatsoever, so have to get either orange, mango, or pear juice, my favorites.

Need to buy a bottle of lemon juice. Adding a bit of lemon juice to your cup of hot green tea is good for you, or so they say. Need to buy both bread and blueberry bagels. A warm blueberry bagel with concord grape jam is heaven, I could survive on that alone. I’m down to only two slices of Swiss Cheese, an essential ingredient on any sandwich.

Since I’m walking to Publix a few blocks away, I usually wait until the late evening as the warm summer sun is descending into the horizon. Makes for a pleasant walk.