Dining Alone? So What

What is to be dreaded about dining alone? This should be a celebration of your resourcefulness and sense of culinary adventure. Try out a new recipe, or a new kind of food you never tasted before. Make it an adventure, perhaps a quest to find the most nutrition at the least expense. How about a quest for the easiest to prepare food in the least time if time is limited, but then take time to enjoy it..

A common mistake for many who regard dining alone with dread is to rush thru the meal, a big mistake. When dining out alone, make it a relaxing experience, maybe with a favorite dessert. Any food that recalls good times growing up is enjoyable, Something your mother cooked for you brings pleasant memories.

Enhance the experience with some favorite music or television program, scented candles, or perhaps a cup of hot chocolate or tea. Anything that recalls a pleasant memory is great, while always keeping in mind, like the lady in the cosmetics commercial said – “BECAUSE I’M WORTH IT”.