Cracker Barrel at 2151 54th Avenue North in St Petersburg FL

Another place I’ve passed for years before arriving on a recent morning. Right on the edge of I-275, so not easy to get into without some traffic. Long line of rocking chairs along the barn-like front, then you pass through the country store to the restaurant entrance and wait for your server.

I was showered with attention throughout my visit. They mentioned they featured their skillet breakfast, so asked for that. Coffee please, a large cup reloaded three times. The skillet arrives in a few minutes even as two others ordered before me, impressed. Pieces of steak among potato chunks, mushrooms and vegetable pieces. Side dishes with two biscuits, grits and gravy. Two butter cubes and jelly container top this off.

Quite full when I left, but at $11.65 before tip it’s high-end breakfast, yet their uniqueness and top customer service keeps them coming back. Their collection of vintage Americana all around you brings pleasant memories.