Bald Eagle Overhead

One winter day a few years ago, I was staring out over the lake behind my second-floor studio in St Petersburg Florida, which I often do on sunny afternoons. The reflection shimmering from the lake was uplifting. I took this as an omen of a satisfying Christmas family reunion in a few days. Lots of… Continue reading Bald Eagle Overhead

Thor The Dark World – Movie Review

Went to see Thor this weekend. It’s not bad, some good acting there. Nonstop special-effects action overshadows the convoluted plot that suddenly switches from everyday London to outer space to the dark world. Natalie Portman does have a silly cuteness about her. I would have to say Escape Plan is a better movie than Thor.… Continue reading Thor The Dark World – Movie Review

The Seafood Festival in Madeira Beach Florida

Went to the Seafood Festival at Johns Pass Village yesterday afternoon. Lots of people there, no place to park so good thing I don’t drive. This was combined with an art show and a breast cancer walkathon. There’s a Cuban place there selling cigars and Cuban coffee plus other things, got an iced coffee from… Continue reading The Seafood Festival in Madeira Beach Florida