Citibike Miami

  Rented this bike from Citibike Miami in Coconut Grove recently, anyone can. Credit card releases bike, four bucks an hour and I went over that a Lots of traffic and construction along the shore made it a bit daunting. Rode to Kennedy Park where my late mother visited often, an enjoyable waterfront park… Continue reading Citibike Miami

The Pinellas Trail in St Petersburg Florida

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This is along the Pinellas Trail, the long bike, walk, run and jogging path that runs over thirty miles within the county. This spot is just northwest of the Tyrone Square Mall. Probably the best use of our money by the county government. It reaches Tarpon Springs on the north end from St Petersburg… Continue reading The Pinellas Trail in St Petersburg Florida

Imagining La Florida

At the St Petersburg Florida Museum of History, there is an exhibit named “Imagining La Florida” This exhibit will be on display until March 1, 2015. This details the various immigrant groups that came to St Augustine after it was founded by the Spaniards in the late 1500s. St Augustine is America’s oldest city, which… Continue reading Imagining La Florida