Breakfast Along the Shore at Pass-A-Grille Beach Florida

GE DIGITAL CAMERAYesterday I went down to one of my favorite spots, Pass-A-Grille Beach. This is the south end of St Pete Beach Florida, the historic fishing village where the town of St Pete Beach began in the late 1800s. Was aiming to try a new restaurant, so I went to the Seahorse. The Seahorse is across the street from the Merry Pier. Anyway, had no idea that they were closed on Tuesday so walked over to the Gulf side a block away. Pass-A-Grille is a tiny Margaritaville that is only a block wide. No high-rises, gas stations, malls, none of that, just a trip back in time to Old Florida.

So I decided to explore the menu at the Paradise Grill, the popular waterfront restaurant there and was turned off by their rates. Walked across to the Hurricane, assuming their indoor dining was the only thing available. That was closed, but their outdoor patio was where breakfast was being served. This was new to me, and turned into a pleasant surprise.

A gracious attentive waitress led me to one of their multi-colored wood picnic tables, hands me a little oval menu and asks if I wanted coffee. Yes, and a cup appears in seconds. Ordered a ham omelet with rye toast plus home fries. No, it’s not directly on the waterfront but across the street, fine with me. A generous plate arrives in a few minutes, plus more coffee. Both the waitress and manager pass by asking how is everything. Great. The three-story building casts a long shadow over this patio in the morning, plus ceiling and standing fans made this among the most pleasant places I’ve ever been to. Deserving of a good tip and they got it.

Their outdoor patio is on the opposite side of the photo here, the Hurricane Restaurant