Beach Library Day

Headed out past 830 this morning, already humid and steaming. Walked four blocks along the lake to Ninth Avenue, where I had to wait for the Number Seven. Finally showed up and took me to the Grand Central Bus Depot, where I transfer to the Beach Bus. It’s actually a bright yellow bus that looks like a trolley. Kind of silly when you think about it.

Get to the beach around 930, too early for the St Pete Beach Library. Stopped at Mickie D for a small decaf and breakfast burrito, which are actually tasty. Enjoy sitting and relaxing at Mickie D while sipping a cup. It’s after 10, time to walk to the library often crowded with older beach residents, an enjoyable place.

It’s afternoon when i leave. Too hot for a beach walk, so stop at the Treasure Island Publix for a snack. Head north to the Madeira Beach library and stay there until about 430. When I leave there the heat has abated a bit, helped by off-and-on overcast.

Too early to go home, so head down to Pass-A-Grille for a long walk along the shore. Actually about nine short blocks after sitting around the fishing pier at the south end. When I get to the Paradise Grill at 9th Avenue, a bus sits there. Perfect timing to be heading home. A good day it was.