Barnes and Noble Bookstore at 300 5th Avenue South in St Petersburg FL

The correct address here is Fifth Avenue South, as in south of Central. There is a scarcity of bookstores in Downtown St Pete, and this inviting place provides a neat coffee shop/snack bar offering Starbucks coffee, plus soft drinks, pastries and munchies. Outdoor tables and a bicycle rack. Bus stops in front, street parking only.

Quick pleasant service yesterday morning November 1st 2013, for a small decaf. In front of the counter there is a compact circular dining area with small round tables and wood chairs. There are also straight counters along the window glass on either side of the cafe door, with the same wood chairs. Pleasant music playing as you relax and sip your favorite drink. Artsy wall posters describing noted written works, such as A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and Walden Pond. It’s right by USF St Pete campus and a block away from Albert Whitted Airport.