Imagining La Florida

GE DIGITAL CAMERAAt the St Petersburg Florida Museum of History, there is an exhibit named “Imagining La Florida”

This exhibit will be on display until March 1, 2015. This details the various immigrant groups that came to St Augustine after it was founded by the Spaniards in the late 1500s.

St Augustine is America’s oldest city, which began over a century before the British established Jamestown Virginia.

It tells of all the languages spoken in St Augustine besides Spanish. This included French, Portuguese, Flemish, plus African dialects.

Photo shows the Hurricane Restaurant in Pass-A-Grille, the historic south end of St Pete Beach, much younger than St Augustine Florida

Greektown in Tarpon Springs Florida

The National Park Service officially made Greektown in Tarpon Springs Florida a historic site. Thousands of Greek immigrants came here, including many sponge divers, over a century ago. Tarpon Springs became the sponge capital of the USA. Today visitors can tour the old sponge docks and the Greek Orthodox church. The sponge diving business continues, though it’s a shadow of what it once was. The fishing fleet that’s based here brings in a lot of local seafood.

Greek names and flags are common around the sponge docks, and Greek delicacies are served at local restaurants. Tarpon Springs is on the northern border of Pinellas County in Tampa Bay. Many businesses in Pinellas County are owned descendants of Greek immigrants. The Greek Village, Greek Islands and Athenian Gardens are highly-rated St Petersburg restaurants.