Gainesville Public Library on University Drive

First time here on a recent Sunday afternoon, right on University Drive in Downtown Gainesville. Parking lot a bit too small for this crowded day.. Guest 15-minute computers quite convenient for visitors.

Built on two levels, so have to climb a few steps to large main level. Big magazine area a welcome place to rest and relax in plush chairs. An ornate network of varnished woodwork throughout the ceiling and along walls is unique architecture. A pleasant place. Short walk from here to several restaurants and bus lines.

Planet Fitness at 2210 NW 13 St Gainesville, FL 32609

First time here on a recent Sunday afternoon, not too crowded. it’s in the back of a strip mall on US 441 on a bus line. Just remember it’s behind Taco Bell. Huge place with plenty of equipment and overhead TV screens.

The two young men gabbing at the front desk don’t even notice anyone coming or going. Four showers and plenty of lockers, that’s good. This is not 24/7 so check open and close times. Treadmills are the farthest back so hard to see TV screens, much less read captions. The entire place is quite clean, and their only one in town.